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Image Improved is a diverse company that provides a vast collection of the finest quality products to the entertainment and retail marketplaces. We do not sell directly to consumers, but if an individual wants any of our products they can contact us and we will direct them to an authorized dealer. 



We are a company of "Boundless Creativity". Our brilliant designs and countless styles can be found in movie theatre circuits, luxurious home theatres, casinos, retail stores, country clubs, airports, lobbies, banks, and many other facilities throughout the world. As the dominant supplier of furniture, displays, accessories, and promotional products to the entertainment and retail environments, we have the ability to price our products at the best possible value. 


Image Improved is a company of ethics and fairness. We abide by strict moral principles of honesty and integrity. We will treat every company with the same spirit, tenacity and work ethic, whether it is accomplishing the needs of a first time customer or with the requests of a Fortune 500 client.


Image Improved is a company that enjoys challenges. A challenge evokes our creativity and ingenuity. Our intention is to produce what you need and desire. Whether it’s a custom product or a hopeless deadline we will produce and make a successful, on time delivery.


Let Image Improved add our imagination and ideas to your company with the products that help perfect the visual and functional ambience of your customers environments.



Welcome to our website...LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!

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